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Leading From Home

Writen by leadingproject

This post was written by Greg Sills, Rich Layton, and Davia Sills. Yes, we said “leading”—but that doesn’t mean you have to be an executive or supervisor to take on a strong leadership role in these uncertain times. With Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and scores of other companies encouraging—even mandating—that their employees work from home, it’s important to share the leadership …

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Managing the Unexpected: The Art of Mindful Leadership

Writen by Greg Sills

Effective leaders anticipate a certain amount of risk. That’s why well-managed projects generally have sophisticated, built-in risk management tools and processes. The whole idea is to identify the risks, assess the probability that they will occur, and calculate the magnitude of their impact. Once that happens, project leaders can determine the mitigations to be made and assign risk owners to …